NBC recently put out their New show ‘Bring The Funny’, which stars Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigan, and Jeff Foxworthy. With a cast like that I just had to watch.

I mean I love Kenan’s work on SNL, and Jeff Foxworthy is one of my top 5 comedians! So you can imagine my excitement when I first heard of ‘Bring The Funny’.

So I made sure that I saw the first episode, the first chance that I could. And I’m not exaggerating when I say this: I couldn’t get past 5 minutes. Of course I watched the entire episode, but I had to watch it in segments because it sucked so bad.


  • I watched the first 5 minutes of S1, Ep. 1.
  • I saw how horrible the show was, and turned it off
  • I watched an entire episode of SNL (A Season 34 episode I recall), which I enjoyed very much.
  • I went back and watched an additional 10, or so, minutes of ‘Bring The Funny’, yet I was still disappointed, and turned it off.
  • I watched 3 old SNL episodes.
  • I finished the ‘Bring The Funny’ episode. I was very… discontent.
  • I watched the newest episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’.
  • … I noticed something…

What Did I Notice?

‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) is run by NBC, and features sketch comedy.

‘America’s Got Talent’ (AGT) is a Talent show that has stand-up, and judges, also run by NBC.

‘Bring The Funny’ is a Sketch comedy/standup talent show with judges… run by NBC!

Do you understand where I’m coming from? NBC took 2 of their most popular TV shows, and combined them into a crappy mess which doesn’t hold a light to SNL, or AGT.

Why Isn’t ‘Bring The Funny’ Good Then?

If you take 2 of the best TV shows ever (SNL, AGT), and combine them you may expect for the outcome to be as great, greater, or at least somewhat comparable to the original shows themselves.

But you can’t mix Apple juice, and Orange Juice. Sure they’re both great, but the outcome isn’t. The outcome is actually very bad. That’s the same thing that happened here.

Now I won’t lie, that’s not always the case. No, if NBC had put more work into ‘Bring The Funny’ then I believe it could have been a great show. Yet it seems like they just threw it together for a quick profit.

‘Bring The Funny’ seems actually quite experimental for NBC. Its like they said “OK, let’s get 3 famous people in a TV show, and if it works it works; if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

But Why Wasn’t It Funny?

‘Bring The Funny’ also resembles a Netflix Stand-up special. Because the comedians aren’t unique, and they aren’t broad in the fact that they stick to certain Comedy Niche’s, and stereotypes.

Comedians that stick to certain Niche’s, and play along with certain stereotypes can be funny. But the Niche’s, and Stereotypes that the ‘Bring The Funny’ contestants played upon were all worn out, and played out. They told jokes that have been told in some way shape or form so many times that I physically could not conjure up a laugh.


One sketch was 2 African-American ladies who were doing a skit about being loud in a movie theater, playing upon the stereotype that black people are loud in movie theaters. That’s a stereotype that I’ve seen so many skits, and heard so many jokes about. Its played out!

The first act was a guy who talked about love, and made jokes about dating, in general he stuck to the Romantic Comedy Niche. Gee whizz, when was the last time a comic talked about their love life, or dating? Played OUT!

Now let’s go back to personality. Ron White has a good one. Kenan Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy themselves actually have good personalities. The contestants did not.

The most personality I saw was from David Zed, yet he is also the most narrow niche’d contestant. What’s that niche? Robots. Yeah, so he wasn’t very funny….

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This post was last modified on July 15, 2019 6:43 PM