This is a question to all writers: How devoted are you? Are you writing short stories here, and their, or are you working on a book? Is it neither, or something in between?

I don’t know how exactly you would label how devoted I am, but I guess it’s in the category of: Takes occasional breaks. Yes, I post every day (at least I try to), but sometimes I’ll write five articles one day, and the next day, or two, or three write none.


I know that if I settled down, and focused I could pump out 2-3 articles a day. I could literally be posting two to three times how many articles I publish now. That would greatly help me, but then why don’t I?

Let’s pretend that your working a dead-end job. You do the same thing. Every day. For a long time. Eventually you’ll get bored, and quit. Now let’s pretend that on the weekends you volunteer at an old folks home, or whatever. Since it’s not a 5-6 days a week, 9 to 5 job you won’t get bored of helping the old folks.

My point: Writing is not my job. Its something I do for fun, and enjoyment. If I push myself to far I’ll get tired, and bored, and will just be a dead husk like millions of other websites.

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Occasionally Absent In Writing

So sometimes I’m… well… look up above you moron. Hint?: Occasionally Absent In Writing. If I do it to much I’ll quit, so I can’t make it a routine thing. The one requirement: I write a minimum of 7 articles a week so that I can post once a day.

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