Do you need some reasons to enjoy blogging? Yes? No? I’ve forgotten the joke I was gonna tell so let’s just move on.

4 Reasons To Enjoy Blogging

1. Freedom Of Expression

You can enjoy blogging simply because you can express yourself. And its Freedom Of Expression, and not just Expression because you won’t be judged.

Your free to say whatever you wish, and post whatever pictures, and no entity such as Twitter, Facebook, or anything else can take it down. Unless of course its illegal. Then the government can take it down.

2. It Makes You Smarter (One Of The Best Reasons To Enjoy Blogging)

For many of my articles I’ve had to do research. Sometimes I read 3-5 articles just so that when I write mine it’s well informed. And some other times I read all those articles but end up not writing mine.

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I don’t consider it a waste of time though. Sure, I didn’t write the article I was gonna. But reading those articles made me smarter. When I first started blogging I had no idea how great it was, and I had no idea how to navigate the blogosphere. SEO was something I’d neger even heard of at the time.

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Now I can write a 2,000 Word Article on Keywords, a 3,000 word Article on SEO, and an article like this about how great blogging is. I’ve gotten smarter. Personally I think this is one of the best reasons to enjoy blogging

3. The Friendship Opportunity

The Friendship Opportunity. Because in the Blogosphere you always have the opportunity to make friends. Some don’t. Some do. And I suggest that you go make some if you haven’t already, because in the Blogosphere you can find people just like you everywhere.

4. Community

I’ve said “Blogosphere” so many times. But what is it? The Blogosphere is a community filled with individuals–as I said–just like you. A sense of community already inspires millions, and if you don’t already have it blogging is your chance to have it.

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