So far over 60,000 people have liked a Facebook page titled “Seattle Looks Like Shit”, and I’m here to tell you how accurate that page actually is. I love Washington (state), the state is amazing, but the cities are a whole different story. It’s truly the towns that make this a great state.

When most people first imagine Seattle they envision the Space Needle, and towers. They never really imagined that when they got there they would see so much garbage. Not just the garbage on the side of the road, but the garbage walking on the road. Those peices of garbage are drug addicts, and some are petty criminals. Those peices of Trash are the main ones ruining Seattle, and the “Seattle Looks Like Shit” Facebook page captures the damage done, and let’s the world see it.

Of course though it’s not just the addicts, and criminals. It’s also the average person who drives by, and throws their cup out of the window. It’s also the foreigners who come from a country where littering is acceptable. And when I say acceptable, I mean they come over to our country accustomed to it. I mean if you think Seattle Looks Like shit, you should take a look at India.

At the very least we should try to teach immigrants that they can’t litter. Or just do the smart thing, and keep them out unless they are smart, and deserve to get in.

A great example of the trash problem in Seattle is “The Seattle Gum Wall” it’s a wall that is decaying, and rotting because it’s been getting covered in gum for the past 20 years. They actually cleaned it once in 2015, and then put most of it back. That means that this city enjoys the trash.

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That’s literally a landmark

Seattle was at one point nice, and at that time didn’t have a violent crime rate 65% higher than the national average. Now the Governor of Washington State Jay Inslee–who should spend more time taking care of Washingtons biggest City–is running for President. I know he’s never going to make it to the Presidency, but it’s stupid he even thinks about running for President, when he can barely manage this state.

The next part of this article was written by Richard The Creator Of “Seattle Looks Like Shit”

“Here we go……

As a life lifelong resident of Seattle, 55 years old, 3rd generation, with my sons being 4th, and having been raised around two sets of WWII Grandparents,the state of Seattle’s visible condition is nothing like it was back when I was kid. One of my Grandpas was a US Navy Lt. Commander, South Pacific, Guadalcanal. He actually took part in the rescue of JFK after PT 109. He knew Kennedy. My other Grandpa, was the son of immigrants, and grew up in Alaska, while his Dad made moonshine for the loggers and railroad workers, and then sailed to Seattle, where he lived and grew up in Georgetown. He then became a Metro Bus Driver, and drove bus for 30 years. He missed out on serving in WWII.

I could hear my Bus Driving Grandpa utter those very words if he were alive today, as he too had his finger on the pulse of Seattle seeing it daily on his bus routes. Both of my Grandpas were neat and tidy men, one very much blue collar, the other white collar, but they both took pride in maintaining their surroundings and seeing it done in the City. I’ve worked for Metro Transit in a variety of capacities all of which have had me driving throughout the transit system, and the garbage, debris, waste along with everything else, such as used needles and human waste, has grown exponentially, each year. It’s appalling. I grew up with the PDA ads for Earth Day, the crying Indian, Keep Washing Green, Give a Don’t Pollute, and so on. You don’t see that today.

There are so many issues revolving around the homeless, but none of them should be reasons as to why Seattle Looks Like Shit, and the excuses aren’t acceptable either”.

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