Should You Have Paid Access Only Content On Your Site? Yes Or No?

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I can tell you right now that this greatly depends on site traffic, and funding. People who own websites are always looking for new ways to get more money for their articles, and posts. One of those ways is paid members only content, and we’re going to discuss if you should have that, yes? Or no?

Traffic & Funding

If you own a website that is currently getting a great amount of traffic, about 300-500 views a day then adding some paid members only content could make you more money because you already have a fan base.

But if you receive less than that I suggest at waiting because you don’t have a big enough base of people for you to make a profit off of paid members only content.

Then there’s sites that are only paid members only. I would only have a site like this if you could spend $10-15 a day on ads to promote yourself. Because being 100% private with no funding there is no way to get a base, or the word out. You would never make any money, and the site would die.


If your site is big then yes. If it’s small medium or whatever then no. And if you do want some paid member only content on your site then remember to wait until you’ve got a big enough base.

And unless you have the money don’t do a whole site that’s member only.


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