In my time trying to make H2DI a source for all your blogging information I’ve come upon some great sites that have helped me Drastically increase my own views, and SEO. So here is a combined list of sites with great blogging advice.

7 Sites With Great Blogging Advice

7. WPbeginner

WPbeginner was the very first site that i ever got advice from. I don’t know how I remember that, but I do. For a long time WPbeginner was actually the only blog I would read.

For WPbeginner there are two major things that set them apart, their…

1 Deals: When you go to the WPbeginner homepage all you have to do is scroll down, and you can see tons of Deals, & Coupons for things like Bluehost (A Hosting Service Like GoDaddy, or, and FloThemes, a Premium WordPress Theme Seller. If your looking to do things a little bit Cheaper WPbeginner is your #1 Source.

2. Keyword Advice: No Website offers better Keyword Advice than WPbeginner. In fact even after I started checking other sources no source has provided a more detailed article that was as understandable as the ones writte by WPbeginner.

6. Moz

Moz is not only a leading authority for SEO Advice, but I suggest you Sign Up For One Of Their Paid Plans, because their various tools can help you track your own websites Keywords, Rankings, etc.

Moz is also best when it comes to all-arounderstanding Advice. While they aren’t the best in Keywords, and SEO they don’t incredibly exceed at one, and bomb at the other like many other sources.

5. ProBlogger

Where do I start… ProBlogger is the best source for those that Listen, better than Read who can listen to their Podcast. Also for those that learn more whilst engaging, and can take some of their courses. You can also go to their job tab and either A) Find A Writing Job, or B) Hire A Writer.

But The Best Thing About ProBlogger Is That They’ll Teach You How To Make A Living Blogging.

ProBlogger is the #1 source for Making Cash Blogging. Just Click Here and you’ll see tons of Article about nothing but making that cash blogging. And the thing is that it’s awesome Advice. Using Problogger I doubled my profits.

4. Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is the #2 Source for Making Cash Blogging. They have tons of great Advice on how to Freelance, and start a Money-Making blog, but where they excel is Writing Advice.

While 80% of everything on their site is about Making Money Blogging none of it is as good as their Writing Tips & Advice. Advice For Writers Block, Proofreading, and writing a Bio. And those posts are all just in the past 72 Hours.

Smart Blogger is pumping out writing advice like there is no tomorrow. And the are dang good at it.

3. Medium

Before I start just let me say that Medium is a collection of Millions of Bloggers, Writers, Authors, and others with titles that pretty much mean the same thing: They Write.

I like to go on Medium and read other Bloggers experiences and Advice. I learn from their Mistakes, and from their achievements.

2. WordPress Itself

There have been many claims about about exaclty how much of the Internet WordPress Powers but its somewhere from 30-70%. So why not trust their Advice?

First of all: WordPress has tons of sections that will help its users with theu own sites, obviously. But they also have tons of general advice on SEO, APM, Keywords, Writing, Ranking, and pretty much anything else.

Just Click This Link, And Type In Anything Ans WordPress Has An Article That Can Help You.

1. Neil Patel – My Personal Favorite

Neil Patel–My Personal Favorite. I love he has the all-out best SEO Advice, and the second best Keyword Advice. He also has the most helpful tool: Ubersuggest.

What Is Ubersuggest?

It not only tells you your rankings, and gives Keyword, and SEO suggestions, but it also tells you what Keywords would be easiest to rank for, and would bring the most traffic. Plus it gives charts, and Graphs so that you can view how your site is improving/declining in Keyword Ranks, and Whatnot.

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