Stardew Valley Android Version: One Of The Best Games I’ve Ever Played

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There are those games you install then delete. There are games that you play only because your bored, and there are games you enjoy. Stardew Valley is one of those rare games that you never grow tired of. It’s the type of game that helps get you through the day, just because you know that how bad things are right now at work, or school you know that when you get home you can play Stardew Valley.

Best Game Features

In Stardew Valley you inherit your grandfather’s farm. You grow crops, raise animals, make money, and make friends with the villagers. Unlike other games like Heyday In Stardew your entire gameplay doesn’t revolve around your farm. You can make friends, and even marry other villagers. There are quests you can do, you can complete the villagers requests, and so on.

The game also has a sense of reality. The stores in town have closing times, and closing days. You can marry, you can make people hate you, or like you better. The stories of the villagers, and the villagers themselves are also realistic.

Each villager has their own personality, and to become their friend you need to learn what they like, what they love, what they’re neutral about, and what they hate. When you raise how much a villager likes you (A villagers feeling towards you are based on a 10 heart system) you can trigger a scene where you learn more about them, and the scenes are realistic. This game truly humanizes its PC’s.

Then theirs events, seasons, years, and birthdays. In Stardew Valley you don’t just repeat the same thing every day, and to help shake things up you can see the calendar. There are special events like the Flower Dance wiere you can get interactive with th villagers. Each Villager has a birthday. (PS gifting them on their birthday with something they like really helps raise hearts) There’s also seasons, anx years that dictate how you may live this month.

In spring you may be more focused in farming, while in winter you can’t farm (Also realistic) so you probably fish. Then as the seasons pass you gain years, and as the years go by more things unlock, you learn more about the town, and friendships get better.

Now it’s time for one of my most important parts of these articles: In-app Purchases. Now I hate games where you need to make a $20 Purchase to succeed, and thankfully Stardew Valley isn’t like that. However the game does cost $7. After that though you can succeed without spending another dime, because you can’t spend another dime. There’s zero in-app purchases. So in this game the rich can’t get ahead if you buy spending outrageous money on the game, its honestly one of the most fair games I’ve ever seen, where you need true skill to get ahead of friends.

For the first time ever I an giving a game this score…



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