Strengthening your Emotions

Emotions are a hell of a thing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The only way to succeed in life is to strengthen them.

Some things you break and they heal stronger, and the more you break the stronger they get. That would be how I describe emotions. They can build you up, they can take you down. Read on and learn how to strengthen them.


Others are the main source of your emotions getting stronger. It’s because others are the people who destroy them. It takes time to build up emotions, it takes ridicule.

I’m not sure who’s reading this. Maybe you lived your life being the popular person, I dont know. But the popular people are always given respect, and confidence. It’s a roller coaster the higher you go the harder the fall down is. Popular people 90% of the time have the biggest crashes because they went so high up.

How to build it up

Now you just heard me say the higher up you go the farther the crash is down, and the best way to build up emotions is to tear them down. But dont tear yourself down, this makes you weaker and worse, also dont put yourself in situations where others will tear you down.

It’s like war. You always try to rally up when you can and take down the bigger opponent. That’s why people gang up. So the best way to win is to take down the enemy one by one. Don’t try to be popular just try to tear down whoever tries to tear you down. But be prepared because that would make them stronger. That’s why you need to create a team for yourself one that has smart people that can easily think of remember and dish insults.

Another way is to remember that these people probably make it seem like they are better than you and have more because they have less. They might not even know they have less, but subconsciously they do. Less doesnt mean they have less money, or less of a house. It could mean less real friends or more common less smarts. They get jealous and envious of you. After you realize what they have less in you have 2 options. 1 confront and call them out. 2 win without them knowing. Take pity on them tell others that their jealous of you and let people know you take pitty.

Obviously option 2 is the best and most permanent. But its your choice. If this helped like, comment, share, of follow us down below or on twitter @H2DIgroup.

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