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Keeping A Blog Alive P5: Connecting With Your Audience

Do you want to go to a meeting where you are simply told about how this, or that is an epidemic or problem? Or would you feel more comfortable if a couple jokes were cracked, and some stories were told? Well whatever your answer is it doesn’t matter. Your audience matters, and even if your […]

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Is Your Content Getting Worse, And How To Improve Content

Do you pay yourself on the back every time you finish writing? Is your content even good enough to pay yourself on the back for? When I write a shitty article I know when its crappy, usually I delete them, but do you know when your articles are crappy? But usually I’m not in a […]

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Occasionally Absent In Writing And Blogging

This is a question to all writers: How devoted are you? Are you writing short stories here, and their, or are you working on a book? Is it neither, or something in between? I don’t know how exactly you would label how devoted I am, but I guess it’s in the category of: Takes occasional […]

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How To Make Money From Blogging

Every Blogger wants cash from their blog. It may or may not start that way but that’s how it is. So… Do you blog? Do you want cash? Read on then. I bet your first thought on making money from blogging is ads, ads, and more ads, but there are other ways to make money […]

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