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NBC’s ‘Bring The Funny’ Is Horrible

NBC recently put out their New show ‘Bring The Funny’, which stars Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigan, and Jeff Foxworthy. With a cast like that I just had to watch. I mean I love Kenan’s work on SNL, and Jeff Foxworthy is one of my top 5 comedians! So you can imagine my excitement when I […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P9: Word Stuffing

Today our topic is: Word Stuffing. Many people do this for many reasons, if you don’t know what it is then let me enlighten you. Word stuffing is: greatly stretching your points, or topics of your articles so that you can achieve a large number of words. An example of word stuffing is: When your […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P8: Keywords In 4 Steps & Their Importance

When you start a blog, it might be a little bit messy at first. Heck, what am I saying? It will be messy at first. I hope I’m stopping you before you’ve got 1,000 posts under your belt, so that I can tell you about Keywords. Tags are little keywords that you use to let […]

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Write For Us & Get Paid

If your a writer, and you want cash, and free website advertising then come write at theh2digroup.com. We will give you full credit for your post, and add a followback link to your site. We will also pay you a minimum of $5 for a 500 word article. The topic is your choice. You can […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P7: Title’s

The reason that someone is reading whatever you write is most likely because of a title. You want a title that is captivating, and cool. You want a title that says “How To Become Inspired”, or “The Art Of Inspiration”, not simply “Inspire”. If your writing a poem than one-word could work. However let it […]

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