How Many Times Should You Post Daily To Make A Living Blogging, And How Many Words Should Be Used Per Post

As I’ve mentioned before you need at least 20,000 views per month to make a living blogging. You also need to write a book, and set-up some affiliate links. But how do you achieve those 20,000 Views per day? Frequency Quality Those are the two expert blogger Essentials. How frequent do you blog, or post, […]

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4 Things About People That People Hate

As humans by the time reach 2 years old there are people that we hate–Except for Jesus, you know he didn’t really hate people. As we mature we start hating more people, and eventually specific things. You could hate when people eat with an open mouth, when people talk out of their a*s, or even […]

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The Doors Are About To Open

Recently I Caden738 of have made some major improvements to the site. We are raising our revenue, and are hoping that by the year 2021 (2 years away) we can be making enough money to have a video professionally made for each of our posts. Our post count has risen from 1 per day, […]

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How to Blog With Uniqueness

One of the largest struggles for bloggers who are pushing for growth is the ability to publish distinctive content. With countless alternative blogs out there it will appear now and then that each worthy topic has already been sufficiently coated. Quality, original content is one in every of the largest factors in blogging success. Take […]

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Personal Stories: A Love For Writing and its benefits

Whether it’s a book I’ll never publish or an article for Medium I love writing, and when you love doing something good it has benefits.

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