Are you tired of celebrities abusing their power and interfering with politics? We are. So read the story behind our new hastag and help make it go viral. The Story So I was watching the news and I heard about a celebrity (whose name I will not give out for legal reasons) who talked crap […]

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Democrats the Dogs Sinking their Teeth into America, and How they do it

I have some liberal views. But very few. But while I may have few the liberals are injecting tons into young kids minds. And ruing America. I like to get to the point, and let you know what I’m talking about before I start, and all I have to say is… They use celebrities. Celebrities […]

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How Democracy Lost Its Freedom

Democracy is when a government is ruled by the people. A Democracy is freedom of the people. But us people have lost that freedom to democracy. Very recently kanye west said that 400 years of black slavery was a choice. Now while I dont believe this I do believe we are currently enslaved in politics, […]

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