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TheGC: Is Church Neccessary?

This is TheGoodChristian, because the Hooy Bible says we All Fall Short Of The Glory Of God, hence we aren’t perfect. But we are good, at least some of us are, and today I will be answering the question: “Do I Need to go to church to be a good Christian?”. When you go to […]

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Internet Poll: What Religion Are You?

There are so many different religions in the world of today. I’m a Christian. Specifically a Protestant Christian. Religion amazes me, every single one of them. I read, and learn about new religions, and I want to know what religion my readers are.

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How-To use time well in 5 steps

Time doesnt stop. You can stop a clock, but you can’t stop time. That’s a fact. I believe that we are limited to time on earth, I also believe that after we die we either go to heaven, or hell, where time is limitless. We don’t know who we will, and won’t see in heaven, […]

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