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Democrats are mentioned in most of our posts.

Why More Young People voted in the 2018 Midterms

These midterms were in some sense record-breaking as more young adults voted than usual 188% more than in 2014, the question a lot of people are asking is why? Some say Democrats, some say Republicans, but who truly caused this voter surge?

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The Democrats: Legal Vandalism & Riots

The Democrats name is synonymous with violent actions, mainly riots. Riots have changed over the years too. Riots used to have purpose, and meaning that truly meant something, now they are just about shouting stupid rants about knowing where you live, and vandalizing whatever they can get there hands on.

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allah Dammit & Liberal Sensitivity/ignorance

The liberals are sensitive, and ignorant. And they get offended with everything Christian. So today talk about liberal ignorance, allah Dammit. For those of you who dont know ignorance is lack of knowledge of a subject. That’s one of the things that the Liberals are very skilled at, allah dammit. Correct me if I’m wrong […]

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Democrats the Dogs Sinking their Teeth into America, and How they do it

I have some liberal views. But very few. But while I may have few the liberals are injecting tons into young kids minds. And ruing America. I like to get to the point, and let you know what I’m talking about before I start, and all I have to say is… They use celebrities. Celebrities […]

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