The Brilliance: WeRateDogs | Ep.4

Before we start all the important stuff please just let me say: this article is biased. As I’m the biggest h*ckin’ fan of WeRateDogs. Infact right after this article I’m going to to buy myself a bark attack shirt. (Click here to purchase one for yourself) What Is WeRateDogs WeRateDogs (@Dog_Rates) is a Twitter […]

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The 3 Best Dog Breeds

Do you own a golden retriever? Well sorry, but they aren’t as good as everyone says they are. In this list I will be listing the 3 best dog breeds… the 3 best true dog breeds. We will be judging our breed listings by seeing which 3 types of dogs have excelled in the 3 […]

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How To Make A Dog Smarter And More Loyal

Everyone that owns a dog wants a loyal smart one-oh let’s be honest!!! Most people want a dog they can brag about. So, let’s discuss how you can train that loyal dog, but first let’s dig into your Expectations, and then how to make a dog smarter, and more loyal. What Are Your Reasons? What […]

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How Animals Are Essential For Life As We Know It

Animals are a basis for life, without them there is no joy, and there is no happiness, not to mention the fact that there is no living. We used their pelts for clothes, and their meat for eating, and trained ones for defense, and offense. They are truly a basis of out life. And I […]

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100 Photo’s

So yesterday you heard me mention I gave you some of a taste, but now let me show you 100 more photo’s.

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