Donald Trump

Government Shutdown Update

Today the Government shutdown reached a peaking point at 21 days, and is now tied with the Bill Clinton 1995-96 as the longest Government shutdown in history. The questions that everyone is asking are How much longer will it last? Are government workers being paid? Will Trump get the wall? How Much Longer Will It […]

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Make America Great Again Is NOT Make America White Again

“Make America Great Again” I dont see any trace of racism in this phrase. But millions of Americans do. Let me explain and debunk this theory in simple paragraphs. The Left made up the “racist” accusations because they lost. It’s that clear and simple, and they saw that hat and made up crazy B.S they […]

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allah Dammit & Liberal Sensitivity/ignorance

The liberals are sensitive, and ignorant. And they get offended with everything Christian. So today talk about liberal ignorance, allah Dammit. For those of you who dont know ignorance is lack of knowledge of a subject. That’s one of the things that the Liberals are very skilled at, allah dammit. Correct me if I’m wrong […]

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How Trump Won while losing

Trumps losing. The Democrats I need to give credit because they constantly attack him, and slander him. But while losing publicly he does succeed. “How can you win and lose, you idiot” I bet that what your saying right now. But I’ll explain. While losing to the public eye, Trump maintains sanity, clarity, and goals […]

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