The Daily Paragraph


How-To use time well in 5 steps

Time doesnt stop. You can stop a clock, but you can’t stop time. That’s a fact. I believe that we are limited to time on earth, I also believe that after we die we either go to heaven, or hell, where time is limitless. We don’t know who we will, and won’t see in heaven, […]

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The Rollercoaster Thesis & Algorithm.

Have you ever heard “life is like a rollercoaster” that’s a neutral phrase. Neutral is neither yes, nor a no. And this phrase is neither right now wrong. Read on and we will redefine it. This phrase simply means that ALL life has EQUAL ups, and downs. That’s true because all lives have ups and […]

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Personal Stories: My aunts Drug Addiction

People influence our lives. Some are good, some are bad. Here is my personal story of a bad one. Before you read this I want to note that this is a hard subject. It is probably sloppily written. Just please get the jist of it. There are monuments and figurines in our life. The one […]

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