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Squatters Rights A Legal Inconvenience

Did you know that if you invite someone onto your property they can claim squatters rights? Allowing them to legally live on your property for days, weeks, months, or even years. Legally. Squatters rights are kinda hard to explain without physically talking to you, but basically if you invite someone to stay on your property […]

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How to Determine How Much Power You Have In The World

In todays yesterdays and tomorrows world power will matter. That’s why us st the H2DI Group have determined a way to measure how much worldly power you have. There are 4 things that you add together to calculate your earthly power read below calculate yours and list your power in the comment section. Money Power […]

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The Constitutional Problem With Lawsuits

In the constitution we are given many rights. Rights like owning guns, religion, and a right called Freedom of Speech. In just 10 seconds you can risk everything, and with just on word from a judge you CAN lose everything. One of the most common lawsuits goes against our constitutional rights, Freedom of Speech. You […]

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Defining a “Bully” and learning how to beat them

A bully is someone who is stronger, and intimidates others (mainly weaker others) to do what they say. But we have blown what that means WAY out of proportion. Defining a Bully Some say bullies need to be eliminated. Some say bullies are essential. I say you both know nothing. You see a bully is […]

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What Really is the Freedom of Speech

When this country was founded we were given many freedoms, but one of the most profound was Freedom of speech. Have you ever wondered what we were meant to use it for. Our ancestors were oppressed, and came from England where they had very little freedom if they weren’t rich. One freedom they didn’t have […]

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