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Your Moral Compass & Its Condition

No matter what the situation, event or, any action in general there are three ways that can end. Good for you, bad for you, or neutral. Neutral means that it neither is greatly good, or greatly bad for you. The good, bad, or neutrality can either come to you naturally, you can make them come […]

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5 Ways To Deal With A Bi-Polar And/Or Depressed Person

Bi-polar disorder, and depression are very common, and hard diseases to handle. They are hard for the sufferer, and they are hard for the person who has to handle them. Many people don’t realize it, but sometimes you shouldn’t just feel sorry for the victim, but also for the ones who have to handle the […]

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How To Use Your Potential

We all have potential, and that’s a fact. Some of us overuse it, some dont use it, some use it juuust right. Wanna learn how to use it right? Then read, please. (We need the money) In 3 sections I will teach you how to use potential how to avoid overusing potential and how to […]

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How to Tell if You Have a Phone Virus how to get rid of one & how to stay away from them

Phone virus’ can be dangerous, and may lead to destruction of your phone or may even add extra charges to your phone bill. Find out if you have one, and how to get rid of it. There are 3 certain ways to tell if your phone has gotten a virus. 1. Your Battery drains quickly […]

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How to Determine How Much Power You Have In The World

In todays yesterdays and tomorrows world power will matter. That’s why us st the H2DI Group have determined a way to measure how much worldly power you have. There are 4 things that you add together to calculate your earthly power read below calculate yours and list your power in the comment section. Money Power […]

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