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Internet Poll: Do You Believe Love Is Temporary, Or Forever

Everybody believes in a soulmate, and that possibility of a fairy tale type romance… or so we’re told. In this day, and age “Love” no longer means living together, saving sex for marriage, having a perfect white wedding, and staying together until your both dead for most people. Some of the worlds population–predominantly younger people–believe […]

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Internet Poll: What Religion Are You?

There are so many different religions in the world of today. I’m a Christian. Specifically a Protestant Christian. Religion amazes me, every single one of them. I read, and learn about new religions, and I want to know what religion my readers are.

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Internet Poll: What’s the most dangerous city? (Custom Answers Accepted)

There are tons of dangerous cities In this world. There are cities dangerous with disease, some are dangerous with gangs, and then there is the average crime-ridden city. But which one of these cities do you consider the most dangerous?

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Internet Poll: Which Of These Is The Best Horror Icon

A horror icon is something like freddy Krueger, Jason voorhees, and the headless horseman. Well we have 5 horror icons for you to chose from and answer the question: Which one is more iconic to horror?

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