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Keeping A Blog Alive P9: Word Stuffing

Today our topic is: Word Stuffing. Many people do this for many reasons, if you don’t know what it is then let me enlighten you. Word stuffing is: greatly stretching your points, or topics of your articles so that you can achieve a large number of words. An example of word stuffing is: When your […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P6: When To Take A Break

Recently I haven’t been posting very much. It’s been 3 days since mylar post, when I generally post 1-2 times per day. Want to know why? Honestly I got bored, and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t force myself to do it, and that was the best option I could have taken. By forcing yourself to […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P5: Connecting With Your Audience

Do you want to go to a meeting where you are simply told about how this, or that is an epidemic or problem? Or would you feel more comfortable if a couple jokes were cracked, and some stories were told? Well whatever your answer is it doesn’t matter. Your audience matters, and even if your […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P4

As many of you reading this have done, I too have went to google and searched “how to get more views for my blog”, everyone that isn’t spending a grand, or two a day on ads searches that phrase. (That may be how you got to reading this post) Anyways as I have said in […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P3

If your like me you made your blog yourself. You got online figured out how to do it, and did it. You didn’t pay someone 10K, or even 15K to “professionally design” your website. However that means you probably have some Organizational Issues with your website. Unless you kept it small, something that people forget […]

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