Parents: 3 Ways Your Killing Your Kids Self-esteem

Many parents want their kids to be the best, and know it. A kid needs self-esteem to be hardworking, and successful don’t they? Even if they are just going to inherit a company, or money they’ll just have it scammed from them if they don’t have self-esteem. Well Here’s 3 ways most of you are […]

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How Social Media Ruined Kids Perception Of The Real World

Have you ever gone on Twitter, and seen someone with a million followers posting pictures of themselves on a boat, or with a brand-new expensive car? Or anything like that on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, et cetera. Well most of us know that that’s not how life really is. It isn’t glamour, and fortune unless you […]

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Defining a “Bully” and learning how to beat them

A bully is someone who is stronger, and intimidates others (mainly weaker others) to do what they say. But we have blown what that means WAY out of proportion. Defining a Bully Some say bullies need to be eliminated. Some say bullies are essential. I say you both know nothing. You see a bully is […]

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