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4 Ways To Make Life Funny

We all need some humor in life. Humor can help us stay happy, healthy, and full of life. Did I mention happy people live longer? “Those with dread, may quickly end up dead”–Caden738, Editor-in-chief of Theh2digroup.com (The site your on now). My life is full of Humor, and I want to show you 4 ways […]

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Strengthening your Emotions

Emotions are a hell of a thing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The only way to succeed in life is to strengthen them. Some things you break and they heal stronger, and the more you break the stronger they get. That would be how I describe emotions. They can build you up, they can take you […]

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Defining a “Bully” and learning how to beat them

A bully is someone who is stronger, and intimidates others (mainly weaker others) to do what they say. But we have blown what that means WAY out of proportion. Defining a Bully Some say bullies need to be eliminated. Some say bullies are essential. I say you both know nothing. You see a bully is […]

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