How to Join Anonymous & the Hacktivism community

A lot of people want to join anonymous nowadays, they like the idea of hacktivism, but so many dont know how to join. Read on and LEARN how. This is a short article because it’s very simple. The answer is (Drumroll)………. you just do. There are 3 main rules, dont attack media, dont talk about […]

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The Anonymous Movement: Yes, or No?

Anonymous is an internet hacktivists group. They have done good, and bad. Now ask yourself the question “should I support them?”. Anonymous has no leader. They are a collective group of people with a goal. All they want to do is reach that goal with 3 rules. Don’t reveal your identity. Don’t attack the media. […]

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Defining a “Bully” and learning how to beat them

A bully is someone who is stronger, and intimidates others (mainly weaker others) to do what they say. But we have blown what that means WAY out of proportion. Defining a Bully Some say bullies need to be eliminated. Some say bullies are essential. I say you both know nothing. You see a bully is […]

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Millennials: Future World Leaders

Look out your window. Take a walk on the street. Drive in your car. I bet you’ll see a millennial. The average millenial is 20-35. That means in 5 years some will be in government. In 20 years they will control a vast part of our government. Look at a millennial. They expect a lot, […]

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What Really is the Freedom of Speech

When this country was founded we were given many freedoms, but one of the most profound was Freedom of speech. Have you ever wondered what we were meant to use it for. Our ancestors were oppressed, and came from England where they had very little freedom if they weren’t rich. One freedom they didn’t have […]

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