Thoughts on the Trump and Stormy Daniel’s case.

This is an ongoing topic right now. Trump, Stormy, and much more if you keep reading. When we get down to it at the bone the fact is that Trump fucked her. Him and Stormy did the beast with two backs. The only thing that’s bad about it is that Trump cheated on his wife, […]

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School shootings and their connections to rural communities.

For some reason rural communities have a higher chance at school shootings learn more by reading on In the United States, mass school shootings are likely to occur in residential communities and rural territories. One case is the shooting a week ago at a secondary school in Santa Fe, Texas. Ten individuals died in the […]

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An Opinion on Shotgun Weddings and Wedlock

A shotgun wedding is when a young girl gets pregnant, to avoid embarrassment, wedlock, or just because, the bride Marries her baby’s dad. Back in the old days shotgun weddings were more to avoid embarrassment than any other reason. They justified it by claiming it was for religious reasons. If it was for religious reasons […]

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