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Your Moral Compass & Its Condition

No matter what the situation, event or, any action in general there are three ways that can end. Good for you, bad for you, or neutral. Neutral means that it neither is greatly good, or greatly bad for you. The good, bad, or neutrality can either come to you naturally, you can make them come […]

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Grandma O

Today I decided to go in a completely different direction with my articles, and write an honorcle. Because this article is meant to bring honor, and love to someone who means very much to me: My Great-Grandmother, or as we call her, “Grandma O”. I don’t like to give away who I am on here. […]

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4 Things About People That People Hate

As humans by the time reach 2 years old there are people that we hate–Except for Jesus, you know he didn’t really hate people. As we mature we start hating more people, and eventually specific things. You could hate when people eat with an open mouth, when people talk out of their a*s, or even […]

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How to Stop writers block in simple steps

It doesn’t matter if you write professionally or if you’ve just written school essays we’ve all faced writers block. Learn how to deal with it here.

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How to Get Through Rough Times Without Talking About It

I don’t talk about my feelings. I’m honestly not sure if this contributes to all the recent “rough patches” I go through. But either way i have found out how to get through them, and now you can learn how to. The 3 Main Things In life for some reason their is always 3 reasons. […]

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