The President is mentioned in a number of articled

1,400 Word Essay On Presidents Day

It is no secret that I’m a fan of our current president Donald Trump. I enjoy Presidents, and all politics in general. Hey I’m not even 20 yet maybe I’ll be a senator some day. It’s not like being President, but it’s a start. I enjoy Presidents day for the same reason most young people […]

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How Trump Won while losing

Trumps losing. The Democrats I need to give credit because they constantly attack him, and slander him. But while losing publicly he does succeed. “How can you win and lose, you idiot” I bet that what your saying right now. But I’ll explain. While losing to the public eye, Trump maintains sanity, clarity, and goals […]

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Why the Republicans need to man up Like Trump

The Republicans frankly are acting like little bitches, and that’s the democrats job They weren’t once but now they are. Below are reasons why they can man up, and instructions how I’m no Democrat, I’m also no Republican. That’s why I started this group to be a standing place for both parties. But the Republicans […]

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