Americas Shock Collar Part 2: How It Keeps Us In Place

You heard me talk about in Part 1 about how it confines us, and bounds us. But I also said that it’s double-sided. With the bad there is a good. If America didn’t have this “Shock Collar” then how would we know out boundaries? So (literally speaking) if we didn’t have this shock collar then […]

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America’s Shock Collar Part 1: How It’s Keeping Us Confined

I doubt I’m the first person to say “America basically has a shock collar on”. But that “collar” has a double meaning, and I’m bringing you a 2-part series, one article for each meaning. How It Keeps Us Confined This collar that America wears is much like a perimeter collar. If you cross a certain […]

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Make America Great Again Is NOT Make America White Again

“Make America Great Again” I dont see any trace of racism in this phrase. But millions of Americans do. Let me explain and debunk this theory in simple paragraphs. The Left made up the “racist” accusations because they lost. It’s that clear and simple, and they saw that hat and made up crazy B.S they […]

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Liberal Logic

Below are lines of liberal logic, see if you can guess how crazy they are. Rate the craziest one in the comments section. The Liberal Says 1. If we ban guns all crime will stop. (In reality that means more crime will happen, if cops have no guns and criminals get them illegally that equals […]

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