How to Stop writers block in simple steps

It doesn’t matter if you write professionally or if you’ve just written school essays we’ve all faced writers block. Learn how to deal with it here.

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How You Can Help Take Down Famous Assholes Using Social Media

Do you see those famous assholes who constantly act like they’re above the world? I do, and I really want to let some of them know that they aren’t as great as they think they are. Well there’s 3 steps to take down Famous Assholes with social media.

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Uncivil Politics Cause Murder

People can’t take crap anymore. There is no such thing as honest, nice, polite, politics, and that inability to withstand ridicule has gotten worse. And nowadays murder can happen as a result.

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How To Become A Better Blogger

A lot of people start blogs at this period in time, but a lot of people blogs dont last longer than 3 months. They believe that their blogs aren’t good enough and they quit. Keep reading and find out how to improve your blog and become better at blogging all together.

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