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I blog every day I can, because admittedly there are days that I miss. I generally get out 5-6 articles a week though, and some people may think that it’s a waist of time. Well its actually very fun, and let me tell you why people do it in the first place.

Blogging, keeping a diary, writing in general is an acquired taste. There was something motivating that person to start writing, and at first most people think that what they wrote was garbage. Everyone writes a diary, blog post, or story at least once in their life. What we first write almost everyone considers garbage within the next 48 hours, and those who go back and try again after they have failed are the ones who will probably become writers.

You may notice that I said “probably”, and this is because after you try again there are other so-called “tests”. Do you find it boring, do you find it useless, and do you find it stupid. If your answer to all of those is no then your probably a writer.

The reason why people blog though after all the tests is the source. Whatever first motivated you, or encouraged you to write is the reason we started in the first place. The most common reason is: money. It’s a very common thing for people to see bloggers, and youtubers that have money, and for the viewers to think that they can then start a blog, or YouTube channel and make all that same money easily.

NOTE: The easiness level is kind of weird though. Some people are Great on YouTube, and have great blogs, though they may never get discovered. While some of the more crappy ones may become famous overnight. It really isn’t as fair as some think.

If they didn’t do it for money then they may have wanted to impress someone, or possibly fame. Lots of people think fame, and fortune is easier than it is with a blog, but don’t continue writing after their blog doesn’t get all the traffic they thought it would.

So long story short: A reason people blog is because we were encouraged, or motivated into it in the first place. Then after we started we liked it, and continued.

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Why People Blog P1

Some people (as I have said before) blog for wealth. Some people blog so that they can gain a fanbase, or followers, or subscribers. Some people blog hoping to find listening ears to what they have. To. Say. Well, not me!

The reasons behind my blogging are hidden throughout my life, my upbringing, and certain events that I have gone through. The reason for my blogging though has changed.

When I first started I wanted to leave an impact in some way. I did not yet know that way, and I still completely don’t. No one on earth knows what their purpose is until they have already accomplished it with “success”. What you determine as “success” probably differs from what some others may call “success”. My version of “success” was leaving an impact with my blog.

How could I do this? I would need to gain a fanbase, subscribers, and some wealth to fund myself leaving an impact. So I started trying to gain fans, subs, and cash. Those are not the reasons I blog though, those are setbacks to my leaving a mark on this world.

Eventually I found out what type of impact I wanted to make, and it shocked me. You may be thinking “how can what you want for yourself shock you?”, well this did. I wanted to leave an intellectual mark on the world, and I wanted it to stick. Maybe I could make this website the home to a thesis, or algorithm that would circle the world three times over.

This shocked me because I was not the type of person to make good thesis’, and algorithms. I was often told that my ideas “sucked”, and what stuck the most was when I was told these words: “You don’t think”. Those words impacted me, because they had some slight truth. I would not often think before I acted, and I would do, and say some pretty stupid stuff.

I knew that if I wanted to leave an intellectual mark on this world I needed to start thinking throughly, and clearly. So, reason number one of why I blog is because it helps me clear my mind. I can think, and read over what your about to hear, and know that what I am saying is good, and that I did consider how it can be taken.

Now I have more confidence, and control in my life. I have these 2 things because of this blog, and the comfort I have on this site. The comfort when I write, and the comforting feel of knowing that at least one person will hear what I have to say. That makes me happy. And my life more stable, comfortable, and good.

Thank God.

And bloggers are a type, what I say can’tbe far off for most of them. So if you ever wonder, or think the thought “why do people blog?” I hope I helped clear that up for you.