DanTDM Has Been Going Down Hill, Here’s Why

DanTDM has over 14.3 billion YouTube views, so if you haven’t heard of him I can guarantee you know someone who does. Just go ahead, and find out who you know that knows DanTDM, and we can all tell you that DanTDM has been going down hill, and here’s why. Minecraft DanTDM built his early […]

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How to Enjoy A Sick Day in 5 Ways

When your sick your days probably suck. It’s most likely boring sitting at home all day, probably alone. I’ll give your 5 steps to enjoy a sick day. Step 1 Comedy There are hundreds of comedy websites nowadays. You can read which is one of the funniest websites ever, or watch CollegeHumor. Then of […]

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Youtubes Siren Song & Why To Avoid It

I have met a countless number of people who use YouTube, and upload videos, hoping to be the next star. While we can get famous with twitter, Instagram, facebook, and others, what exactly drags people to YouTube?

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Youtube Channel

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