I’m what people call “that weirdo who has like an insane obsession with cards”, but I prefer the term “PokéFan”. I started collecting when I was 8, or 9. By the time I was 13, or 14 my Pokemon Card Collection was worth anywhere from $15-30,000 USD.

Needless to say I was a spoiled kid to some degree, and to another degree I would work, or do whatever I needed to to get enough money to just buy that one more pack of cards. I was like a PokéDruggie. Also needless to say I did a lot of things I’m ashamed off… yes that’s right… I picked the dead skin of my Great-Grandma’s toes.

Hey, at least I was able to name every Pokemon, and judge how cool they were right?

13. Tyranitar

How could a giant Godzilla/Dragon not make the list!

12. Aggron

Much like Tyranitar, but with awesome horns.

11. Hydreigon

Dragon types are my favorite. However they’re generally plain, and simple. Honestly my top 2 Pokemon ever are Dragonite, and Growlithe. But look at Dragonite. So simple. Too simple. Hydreigon is complex, and cool.

10. Manectric

Electric types aren’t the Poké-Types with the biggest following, but they are the coolest-looking in General.

9. Dialga

Dialga is just the almost-perfect mix of colors, and body-type.

8. Persian

Persian is a pokemon many people don’t even know about. Yet in my experience it is one of the best. It’s also one of the most unique. Its slim, and Cat-Based, when other pokemon with this body-type in the pokemon universe are big, bulky, rugged, and dog-based. Persian isn’t however, it’s unique to put it simply.

7. Zapdos/Moltres/Articuno

I’m not a big fan of the 3 Legendary Birds. I understand their value as a collector, but I was just never a big fan. (Nowadays they have a cult following, believe it or not.) But I cannot deny that they are all equally exquisite.

6. Suicune/Raiku

I never liked Ho-Oh, and Lugia. So when I played Gold, HeartGold, Silver, and SoulSilver–4 different games BTW–the ones I went after were Suicune, Raiku, Entei, Growlithe, and Dragonite. My sixth pokemon was generally my starter Pokemon, or an even better one I picked up along the way. So admittedly this answer is Biased.

5. Ditto

Let’s get down to matters of facts: Would you have ever in a million years have imagined a purple blob with eyes that can turn into any shape, or form? Yes Ditto is Plain, and Simple looking. But the question is: Where else will you find something like this? No other pokemon resembles ditto, yet ditto can resemble any Pokemon.

4. Growlithe

Again another biased input. But let me justify it in 3 sentences: Growlithe is the original dog pokemon. Also Tigers are one of the coolest species on earth. Growlithe is a dog-tiger mix. Justified. *Law & Order Dun-Dun Sound*

3. Luxray

There really isn’t much to say

2. Entei

When I was a Kid there was a short period of time when Entei was my favorite. However this isn’t a biased decision. Anyone can see why I chose Entei…

1. (MegaX) Charizard

Charizard doesn’t need his Mega versionX(Pic 2) to make the list, he is cool enough as is. But his mega versionX is 10-times better looking.

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