Blogging is not as easy as many people think. So many people have just said “Hey if I start a blog I can make easy money”, or in other cases they say “i can write so i can blog”. However those are two myths about blogging that many people believe. It isn’t easy money, because it definitely isn’t easy.

Before you try to start a blog I have a test to see how hard it is for you. Write a short story. More people will try to write books than they will try to start a blog. While they are not the most similar of things they do have some similarities like: title, a, topic, longevity, and point-of-view. These 4 things are often very hard for some people, and easy for others. Because it’s not as simple as just coming up with a title, topic, and point-of-view. Here’s why

  • Title. Whether writing a book, or a blog post, the title can be a very stressful situation. Chances are that by the time you get really into your story you will think the current title is stupid. Or instead get self-conscious about it, and worry about what people may say.
  • Topic. When I wrote my first article I was writing about historical figures that most people don’t know. I was writing those articles on this very blog, but then I lost interest, and I started writing about DIY’s. Eventually though after about a month I settled on 3 Topics, Politics, Tech & Blogs, and Personal Stories. Now I have 10 Categories, and this here is my 100th blog post.
  • Longevity. Many blogs fail to last longer than a month, this is because people don’t see the traffic they expect, or the likes, and comments they expect, so they quit. Even if your blog only gets 3 views a day keep a schedule, and keep posting. It will eventually build up. I’m on my 100th post now, and I hope that by the time 2019 is over I’ll have 1,000 posts under my belt, and I’ll be a little most succesful. Another key tip is to not bulk post. If you’ve written 10 articles then just post 1 or 2 a day for the next 5-10 days. Try to write up a stockpile, so that your always ready, and can post on days you haven’t written anything.
  • Point-of-view. A point-of-view is where you stand on an issue of a view. Are you Democrat, or Republican? Athiest, or Religious? If can even be as simple as are you for, or against killing bugs. When you start writing something do your research, because you never know if your writing good things about something you actually don’t support. Point-of-view’s change sometimes if you do research, and you may have to go back, and delete everything you wrote just so that you can change your point-of-view on the topic.

If you can easily cover all 4 of these things, then blogging might be right for you. But don’t just think that it’s “easy money”, or “easy” in general.

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This post was last modified on December 7, 2019 11:12 AM