The Daily Paragraph

Monday August 6th 2018

Late last night, we did some small changes to the H2DI Doctrine. We decided to announce our support to the internet hacktivists group anonymous, and the good they do. Accordingly we changed the doctrine to say this.

We Are Anonymous.

We Are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.

Expect Us.

Sunday August 5th 2018

Today in seattle I watched the Blue Angel’s perform. Hopefully God blesses our militia as long as it does good, not unjust. In other plane news our regards out to the 5 who died today after a plane crashed in parking lot of a Santa Ana Supercenter.

Saturday August 4th 2018

No entry recorded.

Friday August 3rd 2018
In skys today was what appeared to be an angel.. Was it an act of God or an act of photoshop. We dont know. Only truly the Witnesses and the man who took the picture knows.

Thursday August 2nd 2018
No Entry Recorded.

Wednesday August 1st 2018

Today we officially start our new Group, and website. Hopefully we are successful.