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CRACKED Magazine was founded in 1958, and they didn’t ever try to hide the fact that they were a MAD Magazine Rip-off. They even had a Mascot that looked just like MAD‘s mascot.

Left: Sylvester P. Smythe (CRACKED) Right: Alfred E. Newman (MAD)

At its height of fame CRACKED magazine it sold 200,000-300,000 monthly issues. (Though it would often say on its magazine covers “Nine Million Readers”, like how The Onion says they have “4.3 Trillion Readers”)

Though that number declined over the course of time, and the magazine ran its course. But CRACKED just don’t quit, so they redid themselves, and started again during the August of 2006. They made 3 issues before they were cancelled again in 2007… that’s when they started putting more time into!

Founded in 2005 by Jack O’Brian, 2 years before the CRACKED magazine went defunct, was When CRACKED magazine finally gave up they put more time into one of my ex-favorite websites!!! (Notice the “ex”)

Cracked (The website, we’re done talking about the Magazine) was honestly f*cking hilarious. (Again notice the “Was”) I read all the articles they posted every day. (You know what too notice…) Then they went all non-funny on us.

Its honestly all the fault of the E.W Scripps company, who bought Cracked in 2016. The idiots bought the site for $39 million! That would be like buying a Nintendo for $10,000. Sure, its it’s cool. But for that price you could buy something that’s actually worth the price your willing to pay.

Obviously they lost 90% of their investment in cracked. But hey look on the good side: All the good writers left, or were fired by Oh wait, that’s not so good… after that cracked went to horse sh*t. E. W Scripps is losing their a*s, and unfortunately the–once–funny cracked probably won’t be around much longer…

However Cracked Don’t Quit!

Cracked had a good YouTube presence, before E.W Scripps. So the next time we hear of Cracked (If the website goes defunct) it might be a renewed YouTube Version. Or a podcast. Who knows!

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