The H2DI Doctrine

Every political party is for something, and against something. Listed below are 4 categories stating our beliefs of what we are strictly for, what we just stand for (which is more lenient), what we’re strongly against, and what we are Neutral about.

We want individual independence. Each person to have personal views. So we have neutral for 2 reasons. 1 to avoid conflict and unwinnable situations. 2 for a person to have personal independent views. It’s just a start for independence, but a start is all we need to improve.

  1. Strictly Stands for
  2. Stands for
  3. Against
  4. Neutral

Strict Beliefs

  1. CPS should have more power over children, and should give bi-annual check-ins to all parents with kids 18 and under to manage and make sure the child is in a good environment.
  2. Borders. Our borders should allow immigrants to cross the border if they have reasonable cause, or are under the age of 19. If you have any felonies though you should not be allowed in at all.
  3. All Americans should be able to own guns after taking a short safety class. Guns should be revoked if you have a committed any felony. 3-5 years after the felony you should take a test to see if you may own a gun again. If passed you may not be able to have a concealed gun permit for 5 more years.
  4. We should have one of the worlds strictest drug resilience programs we should ban all people with drugs from our country and send all current addicts to a labor camp for 3-5 months.
  5. The bible should be an available class for all students at all public schools
  6. Every American should be able to speak their beliefs. Even if it may cause harm to the government, and all classified information if the lowest classes should be given to the public after 10 years of being classified.

What We Stand For

This section is our beliefs on what we stand for. Unlike what we strictly stand for these beliefs are less pushed. And have fewer details.

  1. Private Christian schools should receive Government funding. These schools make an average kid smarter than what public schools produce. We should encourage it and fund it with the rule that they be cheaper. Then more kids can get in making America smarter.
  2. If a person comes home and finds there legally married spouse cheating if they so happen to harm the cheater in anyway you should be able to claim temporary insanity and have a light sentence in jail or a fine.
  3. All child melostors should be beaten with a metal rod, chemically castrated, and given at least 15 years in prison per victim. They also may not plea any type of insanity.
  4. The government should own several more companies in America giving americans on welfare jobs. Then cut welfare in half for those who can work.

What were strictly against

  1. No Gay marriage. We should also not encourage gay behavior or any homosexuality.
  2. People crossing the boarder just because they want to live in america.
  3. Secular science that has never been proven and is a theory. We dont want it taught in schools. The Bible has been proven more accurate and effective at increasing good morals.
  4. There should not be any abortion. Even in cases of incest and rape, in those situations the child may be given up for adoption. If there are any deformities they may have to go to a facility to help them live longer and happily. Every girl at age 13 should be tested to see if they can handle caring a baby. If they cant and it would harm them they will be told and given the choice of free surgery to get steralized.
  5. Every person in the right mind is against incest. And if a person commits incest they should be forced to see a counselor. While there serving a 1-5 year prison sentence. And should in some cases be chemically castrated. For their entire prison sentence and 5 years afterward.


There are some things that if you support you get criticized, and if your against you get criticized. There is no winning it just causes arguments and anger. The H2DIgroup does not want to cause anger and ruin relationships over some beliefs. So we are Neutral as a whole party, but each individual can have their own views and Express them.

  1. Global Warming. If you believe it support it, if you dont then dont support it. Choose your side as an individual.
  2. Taxes, Higher or lower. If taxes are higher the average person suffers. If there lower our government suffers. We do not support high taxes, or low ones. Now if your wondering why we dont just pick a side on this very simple one its because neutral isnt just avoiding conflict but inducing independence. So you may see one or two neutral ones like this.
  3. Healthcare for all ages. We believe that kids and seniors should get free or affordable healthcare. But whether or not you believe normal adults should is up to you.
  4. Federal executions. This issue hasn’t been talked about much. But its still an option. If a man kills one or more people, should he himself be killed. Yes, or No? Your choice. Again this ones about independence.
  5. Limited Prison sentences. This one is not an option you are given in this country to vote on. If we get that option it is just a sign of us progressing. Now ask yourself this question. Should there be a maximum prison sentence. Should a person no matter how bad the crime be able to get out after 30 or 50 years? I dont know. That’s up to you the people.

Semi Selective Hearing

As we have said we embrace individualism, so we allow all H2DI Group Members to use Semi Selective Hearing. This means that you may choose certain parts of our Doctrine to use. Basically you can cut out parts you dont like, BUT you may not twist our words. What we say is what we say you just decide if you follow that part or not.

Ending Words

This will be edited a thousand times. We will add new items to what we do and dont stand for. We will add more neutral stances.

We want to be a secondary party. A person can be liberal or Republican. We want it to be that a person can be a liberal or a Republican, and at the same time be a member of the H2DIgroup. To bring some peace and give both of the opponents standing grounds.

If you believe just 51% of what we believe join our party. To do so just subscribe down below with an email. If you just want to hear more of what we say click the blue follow button. This doesnt make you a member but it tells you when new stories have come out, and you can learn more about us.