The Stick War: Legacy Game Is Amazing

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Stick War: Legacy is one of my all-time favorite games. It has the perfect amount of simple, mixed with the right amount of strategy.

What Is Stick War: Legacy

Well you have 3 gameplay options

  • Classic
  • Tournament
  • Endless Deads

1. Classic

In classic mode you try to conquer every dot on the map. (You also get to choose Easy, Hard, or Extreme modes) Let me explain: you start very simple at the “Order” location, with miners, and clubsman. Then once you win that location you move onto the “Archidons” location, and if you beat that you get to use Archidons (Read: Archers), and so on until you’ve completed all the locations, and unlocked all of the different types of Warriors.

The warriors you can unlock are as follows: Archidons, Swordrath, Spearton, Wizard, and Giant. Every time you beat a location you gain 3 points which can be used to upgrade one of your warriors that you’ve so far unlocked. You can also upgrade your statue, and castle archidon.


The point of the game is to mine, and create an army. Then destroy your enemies statue. But if they destroy your statue they win. You can upgrade your statue to produce Idle gold, gain size (increasing health), and give your statue Archidon more damage to be dealt.

Statue Archidon

The statue Archidon protects your statue if you decide to withdraw all of your troops.

2. Tournament

In tournament mode you don’t have to fight for the right to use certain warriors, they are all readily available. You need to fight several other people (PC’s), and win each fight to win the “Crown Of Inamorta” which offers no bonus, or reward.

There are several different variations of battles you fight in Tournament Mode.


3. Endless Deads

It’s just as it sounds. There are endless deads which you try to fight off. The point is to see how long you survive. You are given the opportunity to use any warrior you can afford, yet you cannot choose a Easy, Hard, or Extreme mode. The levels just persist to get hard, and harder.

Game Review

So the game is a great way to pass an hour, or 30-minutes here, or there. Plus it is simply simple. The Charectors are simple Stick figures, and the objective is simple: defeat the enemy by destroying their statue (Read: Classic), win the “Crown Of Inamorta”(Read: Tournament), or survive as long as possible (Read: Endless Dead).

You can make purchases yes, but they are not necessary to win, and you honestly don’t need to make any. But if you do you sure do get your money’s worth.

This Game gets a…



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