Bloggers are created every day. But why do they blog? What is so appealing about blogging? Why are there over 70 million blogs? Well obviously there is a reason. If you want to get specific there are 10,00 reasons. Today we’re gonna discuss just ten of them. So you can finally get the answer to the question: “Should I start a blog?”.

1. Creativity

a blog is a place where you can let all of your creative desires go free. You can post short stories, pictures, paintings, whatever you want! And the best part is that as long as what you post isn’t immoral, or obscene (e.g. Racist, Violent) your short story, or painting, or anything in that category will receive tremendous support in the blogosphere. To be frank: Your painting can be terrible, and your writing crappy. You will still receive likes, and eventually as your blog grows comments. That brings me too No. 2…

2. Support

In the blogosphere you can always find support. If your a victim of Domestic Abuse, if you have a disability, no matter what it is you will find comfort, and support from other bloggers. Eventually this leads too…

3. Friendship

Friendship is quite common in the blogosphere. Infact one day your sending someone an email requesting to do a guest post, a week later, and you guys are friends on Facebook Messaging each other every day saying casual things like “Hey! How was your day?”. Its rarely on purpose that 2 people–or even a group of people–become friends on the blogosphere. It just happens. How? Become a blogger! Find out for yourself 🙂

4. A Blog Can Be An Investment (In 2 Ways)

Way 1: Property Investment. If you purchase your domain then you may alrready be in the Green! I’ve bought 3 High Value domains, each worth $2,000… for $15 a year! People make comfortable livings buying & selling domins (And Sites!).

Way 2: (The More Lucrative) Time Investment. If you invest as little as 1 hour a day in your blog then you can be making 6 figures in 3 years! All it takes is that time though…

5. It’s Your Domain

Not only do you literally own the domain (Bloggers will get that joke), but your blog is your domain. Its like a house, or a bears cave. Its your area where you can be you, and others can be them. You have 100% control in your blog… Just don’t abuse it…

6.  You Get Smarter

When I first started blogging I was your average American. Now I’m your Above-average American. I’m not gloating, or being egotistical I’m being realistic. I had to do so much research, and reading that by the time I had made 50 posts I was ten times smarter! Plus all that reading taught me a lot about grammar. Before I started blogging all I knew was how to use an Exclamation Mark, Comma, Question Mark, and Dollar Sign. Why dollar sign? Because I was always asking for $$$. That brings me to No. 7…

7. Extra Cash

albeit your probably not gonna make a fortune your first year. I doubt you’ll be able to make a living off blogging by the time you’ve been doing it for 2 years. But if you stay consistent, and post regularly (Not to mention do a BOATLOAD of SEO research) You can probably drop your normal job down to part-time by year 3, and make blogging your full-time by the time 5 years has flown by.

Still asking “Should I Start A Blog’? If not I have 3 more to hook ya!

8. Respect

This is one of the main reasons I got into blogging: Respect.  Writers are some of the most respected people In the world. You’ll receive a good 70% of your respect from the blogosphere, but its that respect you get from family, and friends that really gets you. Respect is Priceless. Every human wants it, and every human ever has wanted it. Heck people In Ancient Rome fought Freaking lions for respect in the Coliseum!

9. A Hobby

A vast majority of bloggers blog as a hobby. Every human has spare time, and everyone reading this has a Phone, Laptop, or Tablet. Those are the only 2 things you need to start a blog. Blogging as a hobby can fill your spare time *Finger Snap* Like That!

10. Because It’s Easy

As I said before all you need is a device, and spare time! Go to, and create a blog for free in 3 minutes. And I know you have 3 Minutes.

Don’t Ask “Should I start a blog’, just do it!

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