Nowadays the two types of bloggers that receive the most recognition are Fashion Bloggers & Travel Bloggers. But is travel Blogging Expensive? Is travel Blogging Hard? What is Travel Blogging?


  • What Is Travel Blogging?
  • Is Travel Blogging Hard?
  • Is Travel Blogging Expensive?
  • How Can I Be A Travel Blogger?
  • How Can I Get Sponsors As A Travel Blogger?

In this post we answer these questions, and we’ll answer any other ones you might have in the comment section down below.

What Is Travel Blogging

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Many people believe that Travel Blogging is exploring this big beautiful Earth, and then sharing pictures and stories on their–you guessed it–blog.

And they think that you just live a wonderful life of adventure on the road, making tons of Cash and getting paid to live life!

But Its Isn’t Exactly That

It doesn’t mean that your always on the move, and you live a life of luxury. You’ll probably just take 3-6 Weeklong Trips a year.

“Trips” not Vacations

When your a travel blogger then every vacation is a buisness trip. 3-6 weeks of the year you’re busy as heck, never resting, taking hundreds (or thousands of pictures) writing whenever you have spare time, and taking notes.

You do all this so that you have enough information to last you the rest of the year. Because the rest of the year you’ll be home. And you’ll need content on your blog.

That’s why most travel bloggers either don’t post consistently, and lose tons of traffic… or they spend 90% of their time simply writing reviews about hotels they stayed, and places they visited.

Just sort-of consider yourself somewhat of a next-level Yelp User. Except for you share tons of pictures of yourself, and the occasional story.

Is Travel Blogging Hard?

It might seem easy, but yes it can be hard. Because a travel blog requires all the same maintenance and work that a normal blog needs. Constant work.

Plus as I said you’ll be keeping a lot of notes to help fill your blog with content throughout the year. It may be hard for some to keep taking notes, and remembering to take notes.So s travel Blogging hard? Sort of.

You just can’t be lazy about it, really.

The easiest part is probably leaving reviews, and the hardest part is probably SEO Maintenance.

Is Travel Blogging Expensive?

Again it depends. Those 3-6 weeks could be Expensive, but maybe not. If your a big-time travel blogger companies might sponsor you, or hotels and other excursions might let you stay free for a good review.

In that case its cheap.

If your just starting out it can expensive. That’s why you don’t just dive in, but we’ll talk more about that at the next section of the article.

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How Can I Be A Travel Blogger

Well first of all don’t just dive right in. As I said up there.

You’ll want to start slowly, maybe even start with your own city.

Leave reviews on places, and tips for people who might be traveling to your city. Then slowly over time start posting reviews/tips for other cities in your area.

Eventually you’ll be posting funny stories, sad stories, or just stories in general of things that happened in these cities. Eventually take a great big leap, and go to another state. There you’ll want to follow these guidelines:

  • Take Notes
  • Review Every Place You Visit
  • Visit Several Tourist Destinations
  • Take Tons Of Photo’s
  • Don’t Mass Post

“Mass Post?”Yes. It’s when you post several posts in one day. You need to save those posts so that you can slowly pump them out daily over the course of weeks, or even months.

Travel Bloggers also need Social Media Accounts.

In this case the best social Account to have in Instagram, Followed by Twitter, and lastly A Facebook Page.

When Should You Start Taking 3-6 Trips A Year?

Around the time you have 2-3 Sponsors, at least 25,000-50,000 Twitter followers–Not Instagram Ones, and about 500-1,000 views a day on your blog.

Getting there can take up to 5 years.

How Can I Get Sponsors?

Its easier than you think.

You just leave a bold message at the bottom of each blog post saying you want a Sponsor and how to contact you, and eventually–if your a good travel blogger with tons of views–you’ll get a bite.

Sponsors may pay for you to visit a certain place in Return for a Review, Shout Out, or Product Placement.A product Placement is pretty much you just taking a photo with their product and saying to buy it.

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