Turning Blogs Into A Book, By Ki O’Shea

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I’m an educator by nature. I send my friends tasks (classwork/homework) to complete. When I sit and think of those tasks, they remind me of homework lessons that I give my students. One of my sorority sisters text each other what we are thankful for daily. This was because of an amazing woman that I met. I took her idea and assigned it to my sorority sister and I to assist with growth and fasting.

I have had a “life” jar for some time now. Whenever I feel sad, I typically write something inspirational and place it in that jar. I see how full it is and this reminds me of all of the joy that I have in my life. I share such things with my friends and my therapist.

Surprisingly they like them! I continue to receive feedback on how they would complete the tasks and even print out some of my blog posts because they enjoyed the messages. Because of this, I took a step of faith and decided to turn my blogs into a book. To complete this, I had to brainstorm. I had to decide what message I wanted to leave with the reader. I also had to decide which blog posts would be most appropriate for the book.

It took time for me to decide the above. Next, I had to decide on whether I wanted to keep my voice. Blogs are typically informal, but books are more formal, so this was a big decision.

I selected what was most comfortable for me and now my blog/book will release soon via LifeRich Publishing. I decided to invest in self-publishing, and I invited a team of professionals I know to assist with editing, creating my cover, and providing candid critique.

Having a great support is essential, but having professionals that can help you is key.

Are your blogs were turning into a book?
Questions about the process? Please let me know at Ki@thisthingcalledlifebyki.com

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