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I know what some of you are thinking… yes. He looks sorta like a Pikachu rip-off. Well your not all wrong, both Pikachu, and this guy were produced in Japan.

Created as a mascot for WordPress in Japan Wapuu (Originally Wappy) is a little yellow character, that always hold the “W” for wordpress. Since his Japan days he has gone global, and is now a worldwide representation of WordPress Camps (WordCamps), and in a way the WordPress communities Creativity, because the WordCamps are literally a gathering of the WordPress community, discussing their creativity, and ideas.

The Creativity comes in when your looking at his other forms. Wapuu comes as a Pirate, ninja, bee, samurai, and many more. To see all Wapuu’s forms click here.

If you’re ever at one of WordPress’ WordCamps then you’ll see a Wapuu hanging around. Infact most WordCamps each have a custom Wapuu Character. If your not familiar with “WordCamps” then let me educate you. A Wordcamp is a gathering of WordPress users where you can share information, and get to know the other people in your wordpress community.

NOTE: You can also use WordCamps as an opportunity to Get & Give Guest Posts. For More On That Click Here–but please, continue reading this one for now… or at least come back to it…

Do you think Wapuu is cute? Or could he use a better form? Well then you’ll be happy to know that (legally) you can create your very own Wapuu, and display it as you please. Click here, and submit a Wapuu, look at the newest Wapuu’s, and buy some Wapuu Merchandise.

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