A very profitable way for Bloggers, and other freelancers to make money is by creating a membership only website. A website that people can only access by paying a Monthly Fee.

These websites generally offer exclusive content, and videos that the buyer is interested in. But how do you create one? What Exactly Is One? And how do you get an Audience?

What Are Membership Only Websites?

What are Membership Only only websites? Simple. Membership only websites are websites which offer content you can only access with a Membership. A membership that generally costs money.

They are a great way for Bloggers, Vloggers, and any creative person with a drive can Make Money. Some Membership only websites (Like Netflix) are worth Billions. Others (Like Medium) are worth Millions.

Generally the ones which offer Videos are more successful. But Membership Only sites that offer things people can read also tend to be pretty successful.

Why Do You Need An Audience?

Because without an audience you wouldn’t be able to actually get anyone to purchase a subscription. As you can imagine a website with only Paid-Access can have a hard time getting an Audience.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to get that Audience!

1. Free Trials

You can do the same thing that 90% of Streaming Platforms do, and offer free Trials to any potential customers.

Essentially a free trial just gives them a week, or two of limited free content on your website so that they can get hooked, and hopefully buy a subscription when the time comes.

The duration of the free trial however is debatable. If you give them a free month then they may already Read/Watch everything they were interested in, and not renew. However 3-Days may be to short to truly get them Hooked.

The same is the problem with Two Weeks (It can be too long), and one week–The most popular Free Trial Length (It can be too short).

As I said up above 7 Days–One Week–Is the most popular. But its ultimately your choice to make. However I suggest reading this Guide On Free-Trials On Customer.Io

2. Limited Access

This one is the most Common, and I actually prefer it. Limited Access is when people can View certain areas on your website, but not everything.

It’s like how to Comedy Central you can view Episode One of a TV Show, but not the rest of the series without a Valid Subscription. And like how on Medium you can only read a set amount of articles a month without a Subscription.

This grows, and entices an Audience. Once they’ve got a taste of what you offer all you have to do is hope they come back. Your Kind of like a Dealer. First-One’s Free if you know what I mean…

3. Social Media

I know its unlikely. But do you have 10,000 FB Follows? What about 50,000 Twitter Follows? Or a mere 5,000 Insta Follows?

If you do then you already have an Audience, and could probably promote your website through your social media and may be able to get anywhere from 1-4.5 Paid Users.

Twitter50,000 Follows1.25 Paid Subs0.5% Conv. Rate
Facebook10,000 Follows 1 Paid Sub1% Conv. Rate
Instagram5,000 Follows4.5 Paid Subs3% Conv. Rate

NOTE: Conv. Rates based on Est. Purchases, Not Est. Clicks

Yeah, it sucks doesn’t it. Twitter Users don’t have high conversion rates, neither do FB users, but Instagram Users converge pretty high. However Conversion rates do vary. So for some people they may be as high as 10%, but that’s very unlikely.

The rates I used are the Average. Some people’s rates are much lower, some much higher.


On Twitter @RayJ Has 1.5 Million Followers (As of Feb. 28 2020), and on Average he receives about 40 Likes per post. That’s a conversion rate of 00.007%.

But @Target has 1.9 Million Follows (As Of Feb. 28 2020), and on average receives about 1,750 Likes per post. That’s a conversation rate of 00.01%.

Lastly we’ll examine @GregGutfeld (A Political Commentator) who has 1.3 Million Followers (As of Feb. 28th 2020), and receives about 10,000 Likes per post. That’s a conversion rate of about 00.8%

NOTE: This website does not take any political stance. I only used Greg Gutfelds Account because of his high Conv. Rate. Not to endorse him.

4. Marketing

By far the most expensive way to get your Audience, but if done right it can get you the most.

Marketing is very complex. It can cost you ad much as $20 to get a viewer, it can cost you as little as $0.10. However since you’re trying to get paying, recurring customers I would say that it will probably cost you $1-2 A Click, and only about 1-in-10 people will actually buy a subscription.

However… that number may be as little as 1-in-100. As I said Marketing is complex.

You need to create an Ad that will get people to click it, and a Landing page that will make people buy a subscription. The best way to run Ads is on Facebook, and I suggest using This Guide with help creating a Facebook Ad, and This Guide to help you create your landing page.

Creating The Site

When you actually do decide to create the website I suggest that you use SiteGround, and Self-Host with WordPress.org. Once you’ve created the site move onto the next part.

Setting Up The Site

Unfortunately this is not cheap. Once your site is Set-up with WP, and Siteground (Which also isn’t too cheap), you will have to download a Plugin to make your site Membership-Only. But the plugin does cost Money.

I suggest using MemberPress, it’s the easiest, best Membership plugin. However its cost start at $149 a year. It will come with all the features you need to set-up a website which accepts Monthly Subscription Payments.

Of course you will see Hundreds of Free plugins that claim to be able to do all that without costing you anything. But most of them don’t work, are never updated, and are just generally untrustworthy.


After you’ve got the plugin, and website all set-up you need to do a couple things before you officially open up for buisness. These things can best be labeled as:

  • Content, And
  • A Schedule

Let Me Explain:

Before you allow people to buy a monthly subscription yo your website you should already have a high amount of Content available for them to Stream/Read. I suggest (If you offer Videos) At least 100 5-Minute Streams. If you offer Articles/Short Stories/Reading Material you should have at least 250 pieces.

And that’s just what you have published.

The next part A Schedule is where things get interesting. You should Add at least 5 Videos, and 14 Articles a week to your Site. If your website offers Series than maybe once a week you should add another Season to one of the series. The same goes with sites that offer Readable Series, you could add an Extension a week.

It’s a lot of work. I know… but its worth it.

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Quick Q&A

What Are Membership Only Websites

They are websites which only offer content to Members. Whether or not is costs money to be a member is up to the Owner of the website.

Can I Create A Membership Only Website

Its costly, but yes. I would say for around $500 You can get the right site plans, and plugins.

Can I Get Rich With A Membership Only Website

Its possible, but it would take a Very Large Audience, and an Extraordinary amount of time.

Are There Any Successful Membership Only Websites

Ever heard of Medium? Probably not. But I’m sure you’ve heard of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus right?

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