What Is SEO & Other Blogging Questions Answered

Listed Below are 5 common questions that many bloggers have, each one answered. We answer the 5 Questions: “Can I Make Money Blogging”, “How Many Times Should I Post A Week On My Blog”, “How To Get Famous Blogging”, “What Is SEO”, & “How Hard Is It To Gain SEO”

1. Can I Make Money Blogging

Yes you can make money Blogging. Unfortunately however the average blogger makes less than $3 USD a day. But there are some that makes excess of hundreds of thousands, too millions of dollars a month.

Can I Make Money Blogging Answer: Yes

2. How Many Times Should I Posts A Week On My Blog

This is an incredibly common question. I myself once asked Google “How many times should I post a week on my blog”. The answer I got? Several!

Truth be told everyone will tell you something different. Some say once a day, some say twice a day, others say 3-5 times a week, whilst a smaller portion tell you at least once a week.

But I believe that you should post in equality to your quality. If your average post is 5,000 words, and contains 3-5 keywords than twice a week would be perfect. If your average post is 500 words with 0-1 keywords than 1-3 times a day would be great. Just follow rules simular to this.

How Many Times Should I Post A Week On My Blog, Answer: It Depends On Quality

3. How To Get Famous Blogging

Well it’s a gamble. Some bloggers post 5 times a day, make millions, and have millions of people reading their blog. Then you see that they only have 10,000 Twitter Followers.

People don’t really get famous Blogging, to be Perfectly honest. Seriously. Thousands of bloggers are currently making 6 figures a year, and have major websites but you’ve probably never heard the founder/Editor-in-chief’s name.

Here’s 5 Steps To Get Famous Blogging:

1. Write Good Content: Bad Bloggers Won’t Get Far

2. Post Daily: The Most Famous Bloggers Are Lifestyle Bloggers, And Post Daily

3. Choose The Right Niche: As I Said Lifestyle Bloggers are really likely to get famous. So are: Fashion Bloggers, Pop-Culture Bloggers, and Controversial Bloggers

4. Create A Lovable Personality: When You Write Make Your Personality Seem Warm, and Fuzzy

5. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure: The reason other types of bloggers don’t get famous is exposure. Let the world know it is you!

How To Get Famous Blogging Answer: Check Steps Up Above

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4. What Is SEO?

What is SEO? SEO is Site Engine Optimization. It pretty much is what you need to know to get Kewords, and ranked on Google.

It’s what makes blogs successful. Without at least a common knowledge of it you probably won’t succeed in Blogging.

What Is SEO Answer: Site Engine Optimization

5. How Hard Is It To Gain Keywords

How hard is it to gain keywords… a really good question I asked for you. Well it depends on your site, your competitors sites, and the keywords your going for.

If your site has tons of Backlinks, great SEO, amazing page Authority, and alread ranks for some keywords than it is a little bit easier for you to gain them.

And it really helps if your only competitors are other small-time blogs/bloggers. Especially if your blog has a higer domain Authority.

Then the last factor is: what the heck is the keyword. Certain Keywords are harder to rank for, while some are easy. Like a Keyword related to Marketing? Hard. What about a Keyword related to grooming a hedgehog? Not Hard. Because it depends on how many search for a keyword, so the most unpopular ones are easier to rank for.

How Hard Is It To Gain Keywords: It Depends On Your Site, Competitors Sites, & What The Keyword Is/How Popular It Is

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