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The Definition of a blog is:”A Regularly Updated website run by a person/small organization”, so then why are so many bloggers unactive?

What Is The Definition Of Blog And Reality

The Definition:“A Website Updated Regularly”

The Reality: A barren wasteland that was abandoned many eons ago.

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If you search through the Blogosphere for an hour you’ll find a hundred active blogs, two hundred sorta active blogs, and 1,000 inactive blogs.

Why do so many blogs Die?

Because people lose love for their blog. You have no idea how many bloggers I’ve seen who are active, and devoted to blogging. Then suddenly they stop, and you never see them again.

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Do You Realize How Sad This Is?

It’s sad because a Hub of Passion, and Inner-self was abandoned.

My Point: The Definition of a blog clearly states that a blog is “Active”, but tthey’re dying every day. I know it’s not the worst thing in the world, but every time a blog dies the world gets a little more ignorant.

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