Are you looking for why blogs are important in 2019 but you are confused then you are here at the right place this article will help you a lot to clarify your all confusion.

Over the years you hear less, and less about blogs. In fact when was the last time you heard about a blogger release breaking news of a major scandal?

The days of The Drudge Report are coming to an end. The only good thing about stuff like this is that Perez Hilton is also coming to an end…

“So If They Are Coming To An End Tell Me Why Blogs Are Important Caden?”

I Will.

Yes, blogs don’t get the attention they used too, and they aren’t as influential anymore. That’s why they’re taking on a whole new importance: Therapy.

While many people Vent of Social Media, even more people are showing their inner-true self in a blog. This is because that Them they show in a blog is less likely to be seen by Friends, and Family. It’s a more secure place.

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The Blogosphere has really (In some parts) become a major Therapy Zone, where people share their Dreams, Poetry, Love, Worldview, and inner-feelings.


Because other bloggers Relate. So they Like posts like that, and sometimes even leave encouraging comments. And people know this.

That’s why blogs have become more Touchy-Feely in recent years. They’ve become a source of therapy for hundreda of thousands of people. That’s why blogs are important.

I think now your all confusion is clear about that why blogs are important in 2019 if you have still any question you can ask in the comments box below.

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