Why Us Americans Have Short Attention Spans

It’s a really well-known fact that people have really short attention spans nowadays. We love something one day, then are bored by it the next. Maybe you absolutely loved a TV show, and binge-watched it. Then the next time a season came out you just said “Eh, whatever”, and had no interest.

Your Girlfriend (Or boyfriend) can be the love of your life one minute, and “That b*tch that just won’t leave me alone” the next.


Other than Short Attention spans we also need more excitement than past generations. Think about it this way: People used to love Missionary Style, and it would appease them for their whole life. Now people need Toys, and Kinks to prevent getting bored so they enjoy it. I’m not trying to be dirty here, but that’s a fact.

People at one point appreciated long, smart movies with real meanings, and feelings. Famous actors were famous fir a reason back then, and they usually were smart, cultured people. Yet in 2019 a guy can get famous for farting for 30 seconds straight, and posting it on YouTube… He might even get a Webby for it…

Is This A Bad Thing?

Yes. People are becoming morons. That’s putting it nicely too. Aside from that a Short Attention span can also be bad for Mental, Physical, and Criminal reasons.

Mental: Only being able to keep your mind on something for a short amount of time can reduce your smarts, and change your mentality. (As I said. Well I said only the first one before technically)

Psychical: We may live in an age where everyone wants to look “Hot, and Ripped”, but most will get bored after a couple minutes of excercises. Making them unhealthy.

Criminal: People commit crimes just for the excitement, and Rush. Its a fact, and it’s a real phenomenon. Kids steal because their bored, and eventually they start selling drugs to gain some “excitement”. Obviously this is stupid, as it could ruin their whole life. I suggest you don’t do crimes, kids. Maybe that stupidity is because of their short attention span? Yes.

Can You Fix It

Got time? Raise your kids smart. That’s all you can do. Raise them to enjoy long books, thrilling mystery movies, and even games that may raise their senses, and intelligence. You yourself though may be unfixable. Sorry.