Its 2020 now. A new decade. People are quitting Jobs, getting new jobs, trying stuff they’ve never tried… it’s like a Mid-Life Crises that effects everyone.

All Because They Want 2020 To Be Different.

Well I have some good news: Writing A Book Is Easier In 2020.

Why Would I Want To Write A Book?

Because for every 20,000 copies you sell you could make as much as $65,000! The average American makes $56,000 a year, so that’s actually pretty good pay.

Writing is an easier career than many people think. All you need is:

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  1. Determination
  2. A Long Attention-Span
  3. An Idea, And
  4. Ambition

Unfortunately most books sell fewer than 5,000 copies, so if you want to make that 65,000 you may have to write 4-5 books. But I have some good news about that

Why Writing A Book Is Easier In 2020

Do you find the idea of writing a long 500-page book tedious? Most people won’t make it past page 300, and you doubt you will too? Is that your mindset?

Well, Boy Do I Have Some Good News!

Data Based On Info From

Up above is a chart I made detailing the fact that The average Bestsellers Page Count has dropped to about 250 Pages.

And the average book contains 250-300 Words per page (Depening on Font).

Essential Reads:

At the beginning of the decade it may have taken you Months to write a book, but in 2020 you could write a book in 50-70 days!

(NOTE: 50-70 Days is based on writing 5 Pages a day, that’s 1,500 Words a day)

So if you can write 1 Book every 2 months (Pushing out 6 Books a Year) and sell just 4,000 copies each you can make $71,500 a year.

But the simple fact is that won’t happen. Infact you’ll probably only sell 500-1,000 copies of your first book. Writing takes time, and one of the most time consuming things Is Growing An Audience.

After 10 books if your writing Is any good then you could easily sell 7-10,000 Copies per book. But it’ll take time to get there. If you start now I think you could be selling 10,000 Copies per book by 2022.

(NOTE: You only need to sell around 20,000 copies to get on the NYT Best Sellers List)

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