Why You Should NOT Play “Tap Tap Trillionaire”

Category: H2DI Varieties & Series

Tap Tap Trillionaire is an android game with over one million downloads. Though just because a game has lots of downloads doesn’t mean that its neccesarily a good game.

So the game is basically that your a stock trader. You own an office at first, and you hire Traders to trade stocks for you. They all make you an idle profit, and occasionally one comes to you with a special investment. Also you can invest yourself, customize your office, and eventually get a better office.

The main reason I hate this game is because it takes to long to get anywhere without purchasing something. And the money you make in-game isn’t really idle, because you can only make money off your traders when the app is open on your phone, and your inside it.

So really you just sit there waiting for your traders to make you money… doing nothing… unless!!! You spend a bunch of money on gems…

Even then you don’t get much for your purchase. For example: to upgrade your traders computer to the “Egyptian Computer” it costs 150 gems. Which would cost you $5. Not to mention the computer has no real benefits.

The only way that you can make your Traders produce more Money is if they make it. You cannot buy any in-game money, and you cannot use gems as money. You have to sit there, and wait.

The game is incredibly boring, and just not worth your time. I give Tap Tap Trillionaire out of ten points a 



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