Lots of people right now like life simulation games. I am one of those people, and I am a mega fan of Instlife.

Instlife is very simple, very easy, and constantly updates and improves. You know if you have read this section of my blog that I have 2 things that I go over, and if the game is good on all 2 of those points then it’s an amazing game.

  • Purchases
  • Regular Updates

If it either doesn’t require purchases to succeed, and it has regular updates then it’s an amazing game. Well this game requires 0 purchases, it doesn’t even have the ability to purchase stuff. But you can become a patreon of theirs by clicking here.

What’s Good About The Game?

Well, let me get started. You press a button, and age a year. During that year you can do lots of cool things. You can become a painter, musician, or criminal by the age of 10. Then you can go to college, and improve those skills.

Or while you are in college you can get a degree, and become a doctor, or choose from a multitude of other careers. Careers ranging from 11K to 100K a year. I’ve even gotten to CEO positions making 150K a year!

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You can buy cars, houses, and much more. It is by far the best life simulation game I’ve ever played.

You can also find a partner, go on dates, get married, have them move in with you, and have kids. Then if you get old enough your kids can even have grandkids. The best part about kids is that you can die spontaneously in the game, and when you do you can just continue life through your kids. Though if you don’t have any kids you just lose everything.

You can leave you kids when you die Paintings, real estate, money, etc. If you want you can also adopt. Your fortune can grow larger as time passes by. Eventually you do just reset though and start a new life. And you can chose when starting a life your

  • Sex (male or female)
  • Country of birth
  • Year of birth
  • First name & last name

Then theres the custom features that remove Achievements but include…

  • Starting bank balance
  • Starting with gender dysphoria
  • Automatically assigned sexuality

Because in the game usually it is a choice given to you whether to be gay, or straight. And (I dont know why but) some people like having gender dysphoria.

To give you more ideas of what Instlife is go ahead and take a look at these screenshots.

Age And Live A Good Life
Will you pass the drivers test?
Do you want a birthday party?
Maybe Someday You’ll Marry Her
Can you afford the $1 million house?
Look at your girlfriend!!!
Can you become the next Picasso?
Raise that Net Worth!!! Become a billionaire!!!
Go to the hospital… you could have cancer 🙁
What do you want to do?
Become the next King of Rock baby!
Go to college, and get the programmer job you’ve always dreamed of…
I know your eyeing that sports car
Go for the CEO
You did end up marrying her!!!
Learn about your home
You could win the lottery, and have $100 million
Let’s go to France!

he game is really fun in general. It does have some slight glitches, and small problems. So I give this app a

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