Why you should start a website or blog and how you can do it for free

Do you have views you keep lock up inside you, or are happy to express? Do you want a chance to earn extra income? There are many more reasons but these are 2 reasons to start a blog

Reasons To Start A Blog

  • Possible Extra Income
  • It can be fun if you enjoy writing
  • If your introverted and dont talk a lot in public start a blog and get your kept inside views out.
  • You can help people (something many other people find enjoyable)
  • You dont have much else to do
  • A simple pass time
  • To share your amazing life

How To Do It For Free

I recommend WordPress it’s the easiest best way to blog for beginners and Pro’s. There are 4 wordpress plans, free ($0), beginner($50), pro($100), buisness($300) billed annually. If you want an income you need the professional or buisness plan.

Other than wordpress their is Wix, and many other options you can find by clicking this Link. But heed my words DO NOT USE GODADDY. Godaddy offers you incredibly an amazing cheap deal at first, BUT THEN the next year they charge you double, and after that even more. And they charge for for several different things you get for free on WordPress. And after a year on a website chances are that you’ve built your website up and you don’t want to restart on a whole new platform, BUT there are ways you can transfer a website over to wordpress, but for that you need the wordpress buisness plan.